Life is not only work, but also poetry and the distance.

And body and soul, there should be always one on the way.


This is a summer date

As promised

Despite of the wet weather

We start from Kinbio

To feel the breath of summer together


This time

We do not talk about work and business

We only talk cheerfully and lively

Day 1 Go!

End the day's work

We depart in the night

Went to Yangming Hot Spring Resort Hotel near Yuyao, Zhejiang

Put down our travelling bag

Relieve fatigue

And recharge our energy


Day 2 Danshan Chishui

No road is really easy

If you want to see the most beautiful scenery

Definitely need to pay

Collaboration and encouragement

Is the cornerstone of success


Danshan Chishui, which is the most beautiful natural scenery in Ningbo. Passing by Jiaokou Reservoir and Shilin Village, courage, cooperation, and persistence had become our driving force.


After watching the beautiful scenery, we enter the "Ninth Heaven", and what is waiting for us is full of exciting challenges!


Look! How brave we are! Through the safety rope, we challenge the limits of our physical abilities and balance. Under the leadership of professional coaches and teams, we traversed the cliffs, crossed the forest and sea, flew over the gorge, walked across the creek, walked among the cliffs and mountains, crisscrossing the valleys, forests and springs, and experienced a thrilling journey through the jungle.


Leave the tedious work

Pack away tired emotions

This moment

Only mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery


The summer night is full of sticky and moist smell

After drinking, we sit side by side

Talk to each other

Seems to be back to school days

Embraced by night

We can feel our heart and soul

And talk to yourself

Talk to life

Time will remember

This beautiful night



Day 3 Yangtian Lake


There seemed to be still a bit of excitement despite the tired travel and after-drinking the previous day. Although everyone was tired, they were all looking forward to a new day and waiting for new challenges.

Today's activity is a team development game in Yanghu Villa. The friends worked together to pave the Shiatsu floor, and performed a series of projects such as your drawing, I guess, the relay of holding a paper cup with balloon, a lap to the end, crossing the river by touching the stones, and holding the ball to run with the back.

A drop of water will never dry up

Unless it is put in the sea

There is fire in my heart and light in my eyes

Only by working together can we embrace the final victory

We are Kinbio people and we are the successful Kinbio team

Being able to meet and know in this big group is a small gift from our destiny

We got more familiar with the work partners around you

In the relaxing and happy play

The company's "family culture" once again impressed everyone

The second half of 2020 has quietly started

Let's repack

And forge ahead

Continue to "fight together" in the future

And continue heading forward

Kinbio! Let’s fight togegher


  • “we are not only offering you the price, also we are offering you the quality, service and future business prospects.”

The most beautiful summer, meet the most beautiful us